Grow your business with thenext90

Being an Independent Consultant is a very rewarding profession. By leveraging your experience and expertise, you're helping business grow and flourish. By partnering with thenext90, we can help you in getting more engagements and just as importantly allow you the opportunity to earn recurring monthly income.
Become a Partner

Here's how we can help you increase your engagements:

  1. We provide you a Complete Strategy Implementation system that is unique in consulting industry and easy to communicate and market to potential clients
  2. Providing you leads through our thenext90's marketing outreach program. We're marketing nationally but we need Consultants across the country to help us work and manage client relationships
  3. We can also help you steady your income as we provide web based technology solution that earns you money even when you're not consulting

thenext90 is

  1. Unique, easy to use and powerful strategy execution system that helps Leaders implement strategy in 90 day increments
  2. Allow leaders to cascade goals and tasks to engage everyone in organization
  3. Contains a simplified Lead Management System that contains core functionality of any CRM system without the cost and complexity
  4. Vision Boards: Allows employees a fun and inspiration platform to stay motivated and productive. Allows allows Leaders to communicate vision of the organzation to employees

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